Ten ft away takes a trip to the Tate (modern):

We started the day by all meeting at the Union Chapel, on a brisk yet bright Wednesday morning we gathered our sketch books, our maps that Kim kindly printed out for us and we set off.
Our route of travel was the number 4 bus which we all boarded together, we were all excited to be going on a day of exploration to annoy the public of central london.
Lacey, not the biggest fan of TFL, got off a stop earlier than us yet still beat us to the entrance… She’s not called road runner for no reason!
Casually, the rest of us strolled along the Millenium Bridge, acknowledging the wonderful views and capturing some of the best parts with photographs and video footage.
During our walk to over the bridge, we spotted another fellow artist doing some very unique street art.
Laid up on the bridge, he was shaping and and painting old pieces of gum into animated ‘pieces of art’. What a great way to be trampled on! I wonder how many people fell for him.
We were given a vibrant entrance with some live music from a local busker, although Bill thought he was a little bit boring.
Shortly after this we stumbled across Fatima, who occasionally joins our group at the chapel, she is also a member of the Tate.
Our first stop – the very top floor, where we took some time to absorb the views... this was one of Kim’s favourite parts of the day, as he was amazed and even managed to spot the chapel inline with us.
Comfortable enough, high enough, we settled for a tea break in the foyer, the wind was far too sharp to eat and drink on the outside. We enjoyed a variety of snacks, Tammy brought some very healthy foods.
We stuffed our faces with an assortment of different things, until Joe announced that he had some of the finest cognac in his flask.
With some of us a bit light headed, we found the nearest lift and headed towards the 4th floor. Lacey, over the moon to be at the tate, started bouncing the lift up and down, giving every passenger a bit of a shock that came in. One person came in and declared he had been eating too much garlic and perhaps the lift had a reaction to that… Well I’m not sure about that how those two things link but it made sense to him.

Our next discovery some art work by an artist called Jenny Holzer, an American artist, who’s focuses primarily on words and ‘the messages that surround us’. She started in her early career making T-shirts because she wanted her work to be noticed in everyday life, I liked this part especially because it allows me to see how words and art link together. Although some of the one liners were a little strange, and some sentences more corrupt than the others, such as ‘ murder has its sexual side’ I guess there are some things in life that are not relatable.
She wrote her words on many different materials, one of the strangest places was condoms, however one of her quotes was in a metal frame saying ‘use what is dominant in a culture to change it quickly’. Joe finally got a chance to use his condoms, when he decided to pull them out in front of a group of ladies… this is when I decided to go and check out the electronic word room, I was not about to condone his behaviour. The purple tilt was a series of words running down vertical screens (to represent the digital shift) she designed this in 2007. I loved the marble benches with engraved quotes although you would have to be paying close attention to read the text.
Shortly after this we had a small break outside and went back in to view a few more exhibitions. We took some pictures of the sculptures, some of us even with them!
We viewed some of the ‘ From the visible to the invisible’ based around or just after the first world war by Max Beckman. I found this artwork sinister. I think Bill agreed with me as he described a painting with two naked women as “something beyond lesbianism” “something nasty”. He also went on to complement the floor work of the building; we could only imagine how many people it would take to do the job…

Joe enjoyed a variety of styles from the time period of the 1930’s, post expressionism, he thought it must have been an interesting time to be alive.
Lacey managed to get live footage which she will upload online with this post.
Tammy enjoyed the magic realism although she found it bit dark and disturbing at times. She also enjoyed the room with many words which she described as ‘ reasonably uplifting messages and conundrum type statements’. George enjoyed spending the day with his fellow art group and didn’t have a bad word to say about the tate modern. Fatima had an instant attraction to the contrasts in the paintings although she found the word room over stimulating, with the LED displays. All in all we had a good day!


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