art trip to Hauser & Wirth and Royal Academy

The art collective, known as Ten Feet Away, were seen about town, last Tuesday. Having sauntered through the fashionable Burlington Arcade, the group visited a modern exhibition by the influential Mark Wallinger. However, the highlight of the day was ‘Painting the Modern Garden’ at the RA. Elements of Impressionism, Pointillism, expressionism and abstract art  from 1880 until 1916, were displayed in a breathtaking manner.

This inspirational exhibition was dominated by Claude Monet’s huge canvasses, which brought summer to the RA in bitter March.

His depictions of his beloved garden at Giverny, I found particularly stunning.


IMG_20160322_132555 IMG_20160322_144221 IMG_20160322_145644

Profound thanks to those at Union Chapel/Margins  who facilitated this event, especially Rachel, for her generous support and suggestions and Mr & Mrs Davies


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